About Us

About Us:

We currently offer semi custom gear sets. This means that what you see on the website can be customized with different colors as well as your name/number printed directly into the jersey fabric. No need to have your name/number printed on the jerseys and deal with the thick transfers.

Delivery Time

All Gear is custom made per order. Once we receive the order your gear will be delivered within 4-5 weeks. Delivery can be quicker and on the rare occasion can be slower as well. Since all gear sets are custom made we can't guarantee a delivery time.


We ride ourselves so we know how important it is to have a quality set of gear that not only looks good but performs well. Our gear has all been tested and we feel what we have to offer can go against any other companies. You will find the jerseys are extremely light weight and fit exceptionally well. The pants are constructed of a high quality light weight material that fits great and holds up extremely well.